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Eighteen years of living on the Palouse has led me to a straightforward conclusion:

“Pullman is a Great Place to Live.”
The statement might be simple in appearance and perhaps somewhat expected in a “welcome” letter from the Chamber of Commerce, however, much like the town itself, when the sentence is looked at in detail, a richness of beauty is discovered. With the help of Webster’s Online Dictionary (merriam-webster.com), I’ll prove my point…

Pullman:      A railroad passenger car with specially comfortable furnishings for day or especially for night travel
Located in a string of towns along highway 195, Pullman is the “passenger car” people want to be in. Pullman thrives with one-of-a-kind local businesses, quaint café’s, and unique restaurants. Many locals share the same story about living in Pullman, it begins with “I thought I would only be here a few years….”

Great:      Remarkable in Magnitude
We may be small, but we are remarkable. Pullman is home to Washington State University, has regional health care services that are rated in the top 3% of the country, and a school district that is dedicated to educating our children at the highest level. It’s not a surprise that in the past year, Bloomberg Business ranked Pullman as the best small town to raise kids in Washington State. Pullman is also home to many thriving businesses, including Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, one of the fastest growing businesses in the state, adding hundreds of jobs in the past several years.

Place:      Physical Surroundings
Located in the inland Northwest, Pullman is nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of the Palouse. Experiencing four distinct seasons, the landscape changes its beauty throughout the year. In town, local developers, thriving businesses, and the University are consistently building and remodeling keeping the town updated, yet consistent with the landscape.

Live:      To be Alive
Often I refer to Pullman as a really BIG, small town. A glance at the community calendar for any given month will show concerts, plays, musicals, lectures, and other events to please any and all artistic appetites. With Washington State University calling Pullman “home”, our venues become the place for top level entertainment as well as Pac-12 sporting events. In addition, the community itself celebrates throughout the year with events such as First Down Friday, The 4th of July Celebration, Cabaret, and the National Lentil Festival.

Welcome to Pullman… a Great Place to Live.

Chuck Morrow, President
Pullman Chamber of Commerce