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2. Healthcare


Photo Courtesy of Pullman Regional Hospital

Some of the finest health care services in the State are available in Pullman and the surrounding area. From the newly built Pullman Regional Hospital to the recently expanded and state of the art Whitman Hospital and Medical Center in Colfax, residents have quality health care close to home. Gritman Hospital and Pullman Regional Hospital were awarded for Top Patient Care in 2008.
  • The Pullman Regional Hospital was ranked #1 for patient satisfaction in the state of Washington in 2008 and is consistently ranked in the top 3% nationally.
  • Ranked the 17th Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare
To view a short video highlighting Pullman's great healthcare facilities, please click here. For more information, please check the following links: In addition to the health care facilities in Pullman, we also host a wide range of Senior Services and Assisted Living Facilities.
Avalon Care Center 1310 NW Deane St 509-332-1566 www.avalonhci.com/ Bishop Place Senior Living 815 SE Klemgard 509-334-9488 ww.lifestylesllc.com
Community Action Center 350 SE Fairmont Rd 509-334-9147 www.cacwhitman.com/ Council on Aging 210 S Main St, Colfax 509-397-4611 www.coa-hs.org
Disability Action Center NW 505 N Main St, Moscow 208-883-0523 www.dacnw.org LMK Adult Family Homes 1610 NE Eastgate Blvd #250 509-335-5882
Palouse Industries 1235 SE Professional Mall Blvd 509-332-6561 www.palouseindustries.org Pullman Senior Citizen Center Pullman City Hall 509-332-1933
Senior Chore Program Chelsea Finara 509-332-9627 Whitman Senior Living Community 1285 SW Center St 509-332-2629 www.whitmanslc.com